I might just heart swaps

I must admit im more surprised then anyone.

But wait for it ................... Facebook has opened up my swapping world!

I know and I resisted joining for ages.

Im on a sewing page called sew from your stash ( aussie based) and they have a fairy godmother swap.
I.e. someone posts three things they would like — you say sure. Heck I can I can do that and then you list three things you would like while making theirs and sending it off.

I have been the luckiest recipient out of that swap ...… EVER

first Lara received a fabric dolls bed — complete with embroidered pillow and blanket

And I was in desperate need for a crochet roll, not only did I get one in one of my favourite colour combos but wait for it......… FILLED!!!!!

My latest swap was through the yarnbusters page on facebook ( seems to be predominantly US and Aussies).  A lovely lady had mentioned that she had been to a large US craft store to try and get a wooden hook to try — well I now had a spare in the size she needed, so a size 5-mm, in a sweet koala pouch with some lil bear scissors and some furry friends chocolates made their way over there and what I thought was going to be a couple o kool aid pouches made their way over to me.

Instead I received a BOUNTY of kool aid — in so many colours/flavours, in the sweetest little crochet purse ever. I cant wait to start dyeing some yarn with them ( all while keeping it away from the boys ho want to drink them!)

Between the swaps, postcrossing, and my creative penpal swap, my letterbox has officially been named most fun destination in NSW ( even if I am waiting for the electricity bill — anyone want to swap for that)?


Sarah said...

Wow, what great swaps you have received!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wow!! LOVING all the goodies you got!!

Chloe :-) said...

That's awesome, Sarah!! What a super fun idea and gorgeous gifts!!!

Kimberley Atkinson said...

Lucky lady - I love my letter box and all its goodies too!

Beth said...

Nup, you can keep your electricity bill to yourself! :P

MrsW said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by my blog. - What a great idea the swap page is, might have to check this out for myself! Looking forward to keeping an eye on your creativity.

Cleo14 said...

Wow! You lucky Duck!

greenthumb said...

Great idea.