Slice of Sunday!

Its back baby!

We had family birthdays today 
So Meagan ( sister in law, not sister Megan) and Cath ( partner of Rods sister Cath) 

Happy Birthday!!

Ps - We also have 2 Joshuas - Meagans son ( birthday Megan) and mine.  I had Joshua before I met Rod, and Meagan had already had Joshua. 

PPs because similar names are not enough for this family - we also all have birthdays on top of each other

PPPs - I so totally chose that cider because of the label.  I wanted to try a different brand to what I normally drink, and my husband knowing my style pointed this out. 

A totally reasonable way to choose your drinks....

PPPPs - that brand was a bit to "beery" for my tastes.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

So I am hearing a big party :)

Beth said...

Did I comment on this post? No?