Cause the only thing cuter

Then a new baby, is a new baby with flowers on her head.

My poor Lara girl modeling some head bands mumma was making, (a couple were for friends so some of the bands had not been sewn to size yet.)

Ps a million times thank you for all the congratulations. Id missed blogging and sharing with people. I did sneak over o most of your blogs but part of me not feeling creative was not feeling like commenting cause it didnt seem to matter what i had to say to people, so it means a lot to get yours and know that a few people out there were still checking in.


Mandy said...

She is do damn cute ...oh..and of course i was checking in...worry it made me do it!! Good to see you back...xxx

Kate said...

gorgeous floral headbands, she is a great model!!! xo

Cathy said...

WOW Lou I have just read that you've had a beautiful baby girl.. congrats, I'm so happy for you and glad to hear your and yours are well. Your hand made headbands are absolutely gorgeous.. you clever chicky!! Have a wonderful week :)) hugs