IS it technically wrong

If I murder my husband in his sleep, but I have a darn good reason too?!?

Because last night was the worst nights sleep Ive had in the 2 and half weeks since i brought the baby home - and it was not Lara keeping me up.........

Its been hot here, last night was our first taste of summer heat, and since we switched rooms with the boys we have no more ceiling fan. SO in our warm room, with extra added heat from small sweet baby feeding, sleep was not really coming, but the minute I closed my eyes and felt sleep could come - husband snored, really, really really loudly.

All the tricks I normally employed - nadda. I kicked him, nadda, I rolled him back on the his side ( normally if he sleeps on a certain side he stops snoring) nadda, I blocked his nose so he stopped breathing - nadda ( though was tempted to keep doing it).

So because I have a really good reason, I should be allowed right? A judge will understand right???

But then I get moments like these and I think ill keep him after all.

Ps Besides who has energy to date and find a new husband......... Id have to put decent clothes on and start the house training all over again


Jasmine S said...

Very funny. And I agree, I tell my husband all the time, you don't have to worry about me having an affair as I don't have the extra energy to try and impress somebody else....lol.
What a gorgeous photo too.

Leanne J said...

sorry Sarah bad blogger here..but on the previous posts.. yeah isnt girly stuff so cute... and that itty biddy dress... gorgeous.. and i was over the pink alittle early so i mixed it up..so mix it up a bit..will still look totally gorgeous...
and as someone who IS single.. it so isnt worth the hassle...and i'm not even really looking ...so .. i give you permission to KICK as hard as you possibly can.......lol..

Marelize said...

Hahaha... you made my laugh so much Sarah! I know how you feel, but I agree. Looking at that photo... he's a keeper.
Hope you get more rest soon. xx

Kate said...

muahaha so true!!