Dont have babies

They grow up too fast.
Congratulations to my baby for graduating year 6. Now for high school. Im only just a little bit heartbroken, I was positive it was only yesterday I took him to kindergarten.


Kate said...

how emotional!! what a milestone though and he looks so handsome!! xo

ACreativeDreamer said...

Oh, just you wait... my "baby" boy lives 8.5 hours away, I haven't seen him since the summer. He's 26 now, and that tiny girl of mine, the one I KNOW I gave birth to yesterday, she's just finished her second year of college.

I keep reminding myself that they are supposed to grow and leave the nest, but, somehow, when you devoted so much of yourself to them... it almost seems unfair.

Congrats on the milestone! May there be many more to celebrate!