Brought to you by the letter C

C is for cookie thats good enough for me, C is for — opps sorry about my bad singing, but it got stuck in my head, and why yes my favourite songs are from Seasme Street these days ( now I have the theme song running through my head - Can you tell me how too........!.

This week seems to be very C orientated.

Cooking Chocolate Coconut balls ( ok not really cooking, but stirring counts right............)


Craft ( A couple of the mummas I know have requested some headbands)

Creating Life ( robots no less)

Cute Cooper

Cat - the evil kind ( thought id throw a pic up of her cause my last one was after she survived the whole washing machine ordeal - I still check at least twice and sometimes have to pull all the clothes out again just to make sure before I can start the washing machine)

And just to top it off Im off to be beaten in a game of checkers by my 6 year old - the crafty bugger............

PS I should really throw a pic up of the computer as I have spent a fair it of time cruising ( another c word...) pinterest but that involves getting off my cushy ars... bottom ( sorry mum) and getting my camera which all just seems like far to much work right now.

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Kate said...

aww!! love the cuddles~