Whats making me Happy

Thank you to my wonderful friend Karla!! 
I love everything about him ( I know its a boy cause he is a Brother (210c model), plus Im getting a sort of Alfred vibe from him). I love his shiny black keys, His Ding when Ive hit the end of the row, and last but not least his clicky clack key hitting sounds.

 And everything I write has that authentic typewritter look.  

He just makes me happy.

Ps For those sick of hearing me talk how much they would work with everything(!), I also finally brought my self some delicious yellow ( Im having a thing for yellow of late) Rainboots Thickers, except now Im afraid to use them up!
PPS I just realised if you look very closely at the typing Ive written leave the 80's alone. 
PPPS I dont mean it, please someone come and take all the 80s clothes back to wear they came from!
PPPPS remember Hypercolour clothes???? 


CraftyMummy said...

The typewriter is VERY COOL!

Lorna May said...

LOVVEEEE him, very jealous.

daph-a-dills said...

Can i have an affair with him?

Natalie said...

ooooh we must be in sync. I just got a typewriter too! Mine is a lovely vintage blue colour, and I thought about doing the same thing you did and taking photos of it in all it's glory and spreading the beauty of it. But it seems that my husband, as a child, drew all over it with white out, so it's not that pretty really! Yes, I scored my typewriter from my mother-in-law :) Still works a treat, and that's the main thing!

Bethany Kartchner said...

What fun! I love it!

mustangkayla said...

How fun! I LOVE old typewriters! I remember hypercolored shirts! I always thought those were SSSOOOO cool!

Tanya Tahir said...

i would love an old typewriter!! What a treasure and LOL about the hypercolour shirts - I used to have one of those too. Thanks for your lovely comment about the photos of my layouts. I just put them near an open door or window to get the natural light. Sometimes I need to adjust them a bit (I use Picasa if I need to). Hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions :)