Wait for it......

Actual content ahead!!!! ( even the bunnies above are staring in awe at the awsomeness )
I know Im as shocked as you are! This family is finally on the wellness train ( well getting off ailment station anyway) , So slowly Im starting to do things like — get to read my favourite blogs, and small crafts.

oh and post about swaps that happened a bit ago (during the poor princesses disaster)


Remember my call out — oh about a million years ago?
Well, the amazing , most lovely Kayla answered my call.  
And in the mail, just after my hospital stay — bright blue squishy Peeps. We oohed and ahhed in awe of their blueness, and I squealed with delight over the few lil scrapping extras she added!!
And as for what we thought of the taste of them,  well there is a reason there were 4 left over for me to photograph! They were alright, but with an odd aftertaste, I was warned about.  After all the amazing Peep crafts I see around the net at easter, Im glad to have tried them. They are very cute, but not really for eating. 
Peeps down, candy corn down ( ewwww dont ask me about that adventure!!) What else should I try, anyone???

You know how we are all on the wellness train?? Well it better be fully away from the station on Friday......
Because of my very first ever, wait for it........

So to get my crafty mojo flowing again, I did the required name tag. No gross sticky labels for me ( besides they literally make me vomit — ughhh just thinking about them gets my gag up)
Double sided, cause thats how I roll.

Side A

Side B
So which side should I rock??

Ps Taking photos of peeps is harder then it looks!!! Esp with the ventolin shakes!
PPs - about the sticky label thing — surely by now you have realised Im a few sandwiches short of a picnic. You should see me deal ( or really not deal) with lolly wrappers like starburst or price stickers.  


Chloe :-) said...

SO glad to hear you are feeling better!!! Love your name tag :-) have a great time!!! ;-)

Leanne said...

you are funny.. crack me up everytime.. and you totally rocked on the photos of the bunnies.. and reckon side b looks the coolest.. bit zanny so definately go that side. hope you have an awesome time at camp and i;m so jealous..

aussiescrapper said...

That's wonderful news about being back on the well train again, you so deserve a break dear friend, those bunnies are super super cute, you take great photos, you lucky duck going on a camp just for scrapping, and I like side b too, love the map/unknown destination thing you have going on, enjoy yourself and stay insane I love it.

mustangkayla said...

I'm not a peeps fan either. DH and DS are though. Glad you are feeling better! Your name tag is cute, maybe use both, switch back and forth!

Mandy said...

just love both sides of this little tg srh...peeps t lst...lol...t first i thought the werte little sponge bunnies you hd mde!!!lol...tke cre...xxx

ann said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog....and make
sure you stay on the wellness train.
The bunnies are way toooo cute!!!!!

Sarah Lou said...

I done my tag. but still name less on it. I need very small black rub ons and not got any :(
Oh wells...Your pics are cute :)

Sarah Lou said...

Daph you are logged in as me chook! sorry I forgot to log myself out of your computer today. Lol. its too confusing for lil ol me. Sat there for ages trying to figure out how I posted a comment and not remembered!!!! LOL

teresa said...

Have fun at camp!!! I love both sides of the tag... so you should just keep changing it from A to B all day!!!! Glad you are feeling better and love the blue bunnies!

Melinda Spinks said...

Glad you are up and about again! Love the little tag, enjoy your time away!

Wendy said...

Oh Sarah you crack me up! Love the tag and I choose Side A! Those peeps are so cute sorry they didn't taste so good though! Oh and your previous post .. I've seen that song and it is SO funny and SO SO true! Enjoy your scrap weekend! :)

Sherrie said...

Hi Sarah,
I love this tag you made. It's beautiful! Glad to hear your feeling better. I took a look at your G and F entries in you journal. I really like them lots. I'm stuck on E. But I think I've got an idea,now just have to sit down and get busy on it. Thanks for the link to me. Appreciate it lots. Have a great day!

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