Slice of Sunday

Happy Mother's day to all the special Mums/Moms I know.  Hope you are all as blessed as I am.

And to my own Mother who I get to see next week. Have a safe flight, we cant wait to see you. We miss you lots!

And also to Bec, who I happily share this mothers day with. I couldn't have wished for a more wonderful person to share my sons life with. Thank you for making sure there are no evil stepmothers in Joshua's fairy tale. 

How was my mothers day? 

Just Lovely.

My beautiful middle made me some special presents in School this week (he was the only one in the whole house well enough to go anywhere this week! )

My darling laminated picture. Which since Friday afternoon he has been telling me, you cant open till "mubers day" 

And he decorated this delightful little pot plant — which was replanted once by his brother sitting next to him in the car on the way home from school Friday, and once by the Dog shortly after the picture was taken!

Ok now, See that first picture way up the top of the post?? 

That is My darling Big and myself shortly after my very first mothers day. 
How do I know it was shortly after Mother's day? 
Because my very First mothers day started in labour, and I was given the best gift in the world. I was 20,( by 8 days) when I had him, and so we have really grown up together.  A wonderful, amazing present, to have had in my life.

(even if he is now to old to smile for photos)

Josh, Happy birthday. I love you so much and I can already see the amazing man you will be. But, please slow down a little. Time is moving so fast and each time I turn around you grow even more. 
You are adored, always and forever.

PS I currently sound like a teenage boy whose voice is changing and has spent all night screaming at rock concert. It's a good sound for me........... not.
PPS how come I never get sexy Husky, just snotty husky??? I want a sexy voice
PPPS there is something sticky on my letter B. Thank you kids.
PPPPS follow up at the hospital tomorrow, wish me luck!! 


Leanne said...
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Leanne said...

glad that you had a fantastic day.. even with the funny voice.. and love the pic of Josh.. double digits and the attitude..LOL... oh and the you tube video is hilarious.. saw it before and cracked up... excellent.. happy days to you

KarenB said...

Happy Mother's Day, gorgeous girl xx

Kate said...

thats so beautiful sarah!! i hope you have a good appointment and everything is good news~!!-- ask them about the husky voice whilst you are there ;)

Tanya Tahir said...

You were spoilt by the sounds of it - happy mothers day to you Sarah!!! Oh and you look exactly like your mum!!!

Sarah said...

Good luck to you! Lovely little gifties from your small people! I like to take pictures of some of it and scrap so that I can at least shrink the art down to a 12x12 page and keep a time line...Sort of... Hope you had a great mother's day!

teresa said...

Great post Sarah... love your presents to pieces!!! Glad you had a wonderful Mothers Day.. Good luck at the doctors :)

mustangkayla said...

Great post! Good luck at the doctors!

daph-a-dills said...

Lovely post, lovely pics, love ya babe!

Lorna May said...

What a lovely post. How stinking cute is the pressie you got. Hope your eldest had a great day.

Tanya Tahir said...

Oh I'm so embarrassed because now I realise this picture IS you!!! LOL...