Poor boys

This is what I cam home to on Sunday, it was a lovely treat right before all the vomiting started. Yep spewing and the other end Each of them are taking it in turns, Kook, Then the sweet middle. The Hubby at 2 am and The big who is has been back from school holidays for exactly three days is languishing on my couch. 
I dont have the energy or time to get sick, so I have forbidden it to hit me. Im a maid of honor on Saturday and my sister in law was going to do my hair cause Im sick of feeling frumpy. So its just not happening. 

And frankly as I was reminded this week over and over - I just dont like cleaning up vomit.

A lil something I have been working on ( before the vomit that is!)

Ps Go back to Daphs for the rest of the story of our trip away!


Daph said...

Thats cheating using me LOL....i wish mine was only 24 hours...whahhhhhh

Ruth said...

Poor you I hope everyone gets better soon and your hair wows everybody including your sick husband!!