just WOW

Everybody who loves felt and cubby houses or just gosh darn cute things go looksee what has been made here. 

Oh and while you are at it, Papercrafters try this flower - too too adorably cute!


Ruth said...

What I would do for a play house like that!!! Maybe I could give the old Disney Princess one a makeover and turn it into something Ben would like!!
Cool flowers too am going to store that one away for next time I have a kit project and it comes without flowers!!
Ruth xxx

Sarah Lou said...

I know I so badly want to do one!

Leeann Pearce said...

Thanks for popping into my blog Sarah... love the flower tip from PP too...awesome fine!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is pretty full on in the cuteness factor!! Of course my kiddies saw it too and now have grand plans for my sewing future - LOL