Lil bits

1 lil ol' paper mache bust I picked up from spotlights el cheepo table. main body is covered with a serviette, then flowers galore and a hint of bling and soem copper perfect pearls. Have to find some sort of stand for her

2 - my spur of the moment circles I decided to paint a while ago, on top are branche swe got from freedom a million years ago. Sits above my desk. ( hoping to get a full photo soon, but the lighting stinks except for early in the morning and my boys and I are lay abouts!)

3 - close up of the mini bunting

4 - mini bunting on shelves ( note handmade glimmer mists, and empty containers from the worlds best hot chocolate mix - Lindt. )

Just a few lil things Ive been working on. lay out and sewing to come. Mini bunting came about because - I forgot to take photos to last weeks scrap day with the girls. Photos people!!!!
 These are taken in my craft space - a corner of my bedroom which does not get nearly as much natural light as I wish. Hanging out to afford a daylight lamp!
Ps I hate slow power - we actually ran out of broad band on the 3rd this month. 
Pps do NOT see ghosts of girlfriends past - Matthew Mcconaughey, How you have broken my heart!


Ruth said...

A beautiful altered bust Sarah Lou....and what a bargain finding it on the cheap table!! She doesn't look so cheap now huh?

Daph said...

WHAT...You still watched it without me??? :(
I love most of all your best bargain find....the shelf....who would have thought it was custom made for a tone of cd's....Looks good babe....yup im jelous, but oh so happy you have your OWN little space of paradise :)