I need new batteries still for the camera so no show and tell today ( roll on payday tomorrow) its driving me up the wall. I have a fair bit to share. So ill just share a tut I followed today ( just ask my wilton food dye stained hands, got a lil excited) , so thanks to this tutorial and the free cycler that gave me all her inks and some perfect pearls, I now own a brilliant blue, deep purple, bronzey pink, and the most beautiful perfect granny smith apple green (can you tell its one of my favourite colours - just need to get an orange one now and ill be in colour heaven) sparkly mist, all for the price of some travel sprtizers.

Oh while you are at her blog , check out her flower tutorials .
And since Im sending you places go here.
You will not regret it, she has gotten me into making cards. A beautiful drool worthy blog.

photo is of a recent lunch the sweet middle made me. Yum.


clare's craftroom said...

I think those are the most special meals !

~kelly marie~ said...

Thank you so much for the shout out! You are just too sweet, Sarah Lou! Let me know when you post a card, I would love to see it! :) :)

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Hi again :) Hoping to do the glimmer mist post soon, just keep checking back, it will depend on time, life and sunshine lol