Sometimes you just need to run away.

My poor husband works hard.
At work, At home, At Teaching Guitar and Playing gigs
And for the most part he is easy going. Doesn't believe in getting angry, says it gets you no where.

So when the cranks start to eek into our life, and they are cranks that getting sent to his studio does not get rid of. I know its time.

We run away.

We are fortunate that his sister has a holiday house. No where fancy and the house is basic. But it's not home, and its near the beach and near a place that sells pizza bigger then my baby girl.

Once I finally persuaded him to take the week off, he started making plans.
He wanted to work on his deck — which worked for me, (I had my last barista class and I teach cake decorating on a Wednesday), but Thursday and Friday - clear and free.

And he knew how much I had been wanting to take the kids to Cockington Green. Plus in his mind, it was ONLY another 2 and a half hours to the snow and it was the start of Aussie snow season!

Cockington green was fabulous. I often struggle with finding things that will keep my range of ages happy ( I have one in every age gap at the moment, except baby), but this was a happy medium. There were things to find ( Jason is alive and well chasing people with his chainsaw still, and the grim reaper waiting for his next victims)

We did talk about doing the dinosaur museum which is next door but they had enough outside for the kids to see that kept everyone happy.

 And then the next drive. We made it to perisher just as the sun was fading and — the worst start to snow season ever. We found just enough snow to throw a snowball, at charlottes pass where the wind blew so hard it pulled the car seat lose when we opened the door. Thats just enough snow for us I think. No photos, it was quick, fast and furious out there!

Being a beach house — the next day there was no way we could leave without a walk to the beach. And maybe on the way to the beach I might of passed a couple of op shops......

So a walk to the beach it was — which is how my water addicted boy managed to throw snowballs and swim in the surf in less then 24 hours.........


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving the photos!! Looks like an amazing time!!!

Cleo said...

Wow! Surf and snow in one day!

Elfie, Leader of the Elves said...

I love beaches! If ever I get the chance to get a vacation, I would absolutely go to one. There's just too much snow here and its getting boring :(

With lots of love from the North Pole,
Elfie, Leader of the Elves at Christmas World