Just a super quick post ( sorry for pic overload!), as we had needles here today ( 3 big huge ones!) and we have a slight case of the grumps.  A lot of these have come from me just sitting at my desk and reaching for what ever is at hand.
Non edited for the same reason above.
The heart is cut from sticky back foam and used as stamp, then covered in Dimensional magic and a layer of embossing powder, which I have left non embossed ( think poor mans flocking)
The play card is small, fits in the palm of my hand.

Trying to show the acetate Ive stitched on.


mustangkayla said...

Bummer about the shots! We have those coming up in our household too! Great cards!

Mandy said...

great cards...the just to say hello one...is that stamps or rub ons???take carexxx

Heather said...

very cute...love the hello card and today card!

Chloe :-) said...

Lovely cards :-). We have needles tomorrow!! Not fun :-(