I love an adore orange, its one of my favourite colours. Unfortunately one the few places I dont think it belongs is the sky. 

Dust storm. 

Our reality this morning(!), which started with a phone call waking us up, telling me that No one was to leave the house.  Rod made me promise that we would all stay in doors and not open the door.  
We are an allergy /asthma house and we have lil ones, So no one had to tell me twice. 
The big was over the moon at day off school. Neither He or I could recall seeing one before. The sweet middle is heartbroken at the being stuck inside part. He keeps telling me " I not get sick". Sorry bub!!
 I missed the photo op due to running around dealing with my three, but Daph has a photo on her blog of what we woke up too! Other great photos are here, on the Channel Nine news page.

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