Im having issue with my camera, or rather Im having issues with my photo taking skills today  Im trying to take a photo of the layout I did last night, but in my fluey haze I cant seem to avoid the glare from the sky on it. Above are some small elements I have used - from the second vinatge release kits from What is Old is New Again, and some stash stuff.

I had hoped to finish me craft room ( ok half a room ) redo today, But the only thing I have done is watched One Last Thing
The only thing I want to do is lay down, read and cuddle my husband - but The kook is awake ( At 8 months this is full on play stop him from climbing all the time!), The sweet middle is back from grandparents day ( he goes there once a week, to play and keep both the him and my father in law occupied!), and Rod has overtime Again, which Ill appreciate when we are away, just cant manage that right this second. I miss my man.


Daph-a-dill's said...

Where is the whole layout? From when i saw it it looked awesome!
I hope your planning on taking lots of pics on your trip :)
And im jelous of your craft space and want pics too hun :)

Kerryn said...

Thanks for popping by my blog and saying Hi :). IKWYM about photographing layouts. It is such a paint getting them right.

The snippets look great! I'm a bit of a WIOIN fan too :).