Were back! 
A wonderful relaxing time was had by all, the most taxing thing I did all weekend was sketch a plan for my Softies For Mirabel, and that was hardly unenjoyable! 
Miss it already, esp my dad and my niece.  Though the sweet middle one is very upset that we had to leave his "widdle" house


Ruth said...

Hi Sarah thankyou so much for visiting my blog....I had to come and see yours because my sister in Auz is called Sarah Low and I call her sarah loo!!
I made a wish on your dandelion that I could go to a beach house one day:( ....I miss the good life!!
ps: I love your lets get shabby layout especially with the tweaking!!

Daph said...

See Sarah, even Ruth agrees your LO is awesome LOL.....I hope you have more pics than that lol...Glad you had a well deserved rest babe!