Snow balls in the heat

Remember this ?
 Well as I was making some more I thought Id try my hand at my first tutorial.
So on to  - Simple Easy Snow balls in the heat!

These are what you will need, I just used what I had on hand.
A million flat head pins 
Styrofoam ball 
Ribbon, enough to from a small loop 
Glue ( not totally necessary, I like the added protection), 
Felt, I just used some acrylic that we had lying around in the kids craft box
A pointy thing ( end of a pencil would work fine, I used my rub on tool)
Ok got all that together? Now to work

Make a hole in the ball with the pointy object of your choice, and then push the ends ribbon inside, forming a loop, making sure ends are tucked in. Inset a pin on either side at an angle into the hole. This is where I also squirted a touch of glue,just to be on the safe side.

Now the fun part, cut a million felt "circlish" shapes, mine are in no way uniform, but I swear it works!
Choose a place on the styrofoam ball, grab a pin, spear it through the felt and stab it in to the ball. 

And then a million times more, over lapping the circles as you go.

Until you get this! 
Hang on the tree and enjoy. 


Mandy said...

lol....love them and great tutorial...xxx

Ann-Marie said...

a million times?? DO I have to??!! LOL! Seriously the kids and I are going to make some of these. Thx for the share :)

teresa said...

Great tutorial Sarah.. they look great and I will def give it a go :)

Kim said...

HI Sarah thanks for that tutorial might have to give that a try and thanks for visiting my blog, in regards to my clouds its embossed cardstock....not sure who makes it but I bought it about 8 months ago so not sure you can still get it, sorry, had a look through your blog too, beautiful work BTW

Christy said...

Wonderful tutorial Sarah! I imagine a tree-ful of this ornament. It would be such an elegant christmas tree! Thanks for dropping by my blog! xoxo

Robyn said...

Sarah, these are really wonderful!!
I'm gonna add your tute to my Christmas list of links if that's ok...they look fantastic!

Love your felted ball you made for Teresa and I hope you'll add yours to the flickr group too :D
Have fun making decos...I know I still am....lol

Julie said...

What a fantastic snowball deco Sarah Lou!!..I might just have to give these a go..thanks for sharing the tute!

Oh, and thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comments! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea! Here's my version with pink pins.

Isi said...

hi sweetiie,

thx 4 your ideas!!I love this one sooo much !!

greetz isi

Amanda said...

I am writing to request permission to reprint this adorable project on Craftown.com. We would of course give you full credit and will happily link back to your blog. Please let me know if this is acceptable. Thanks!

Amanda Formaro
Chief Editor - Craftown.com

Anonymous said...

Years years years later and I find this. This is awesome! I just recently started making them and can't stop! I've gone from white to red and am planning on doing green, too, for the whole trifecta. :)

edith prince said...

"A pointy thing of your choice " - that'smy kind of instructions !!! :-) I'm definitely gonna give this a go, wonder if found make up pads would work as well ?

edith prince said...

"A pointy thing of your choice " - that'smy kind of instructions !!! :-) I'm definitely gonna give this a go, wonder if found make up pads would work as well ?

Bejay Roles said...

I love it! I've seen them done with sequins, but I think I like the felt ones much more.