All quiet on the western front

Possibly the most boring picture in the world, yes?
This week has been sort of a bust. Im having a very Flat week, even scrap Tuesday ( which might I add was actually even held on a Tuesday this week!) was a bust. I watched daph scrap while I painted a few things and paced waiting for the air con men ( 4 hours late and then it took them 4 hours to put it in!). I have been planning in my head though ( and can I call reading the new Scrapbook Creations research???)  for a few things I want to try. 

So the white house eh? You wanna know what that is about.
I was sitting at the table, having a cuppa, daydreaming and staring at the empty beer six pack holder that Rod had left on the table ( yes the bin is only a step away incase you were wondering), thinking that might be useful to hold some paints. So staring and thinking, I noticed it was house shape, and I have always wanted a christmas house decoration.........
Then reading my blogs I notice this challenge,. at the wonderful Design Dollies. So what we have there is the beginnings of a white christmas house. A house in desperate need of a renovation.
Corrugated cardboard roof isn't completely attached ) just sits with a slit for the handle to stick through) as I thought I might hide some lil lollies in there. 
The Plan was today, to hit my local vinnies and get a bag of old decorations, to attach and spray paint ( esp. as now the big and the sweet middle want to get in on the act). I forgot one very important thing though. My local vinnies strongly believe there stuff is dipped in 5 carrot gold and over price everything. So no decorations from there today. Will have to get more creative and think out side the box!


Chloe :-) said...

Can't wait to see what you do with this one!

Daph said...

wait till they go on sale...or hit go lo :)

mustangkayla said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project! I've altered beer holders and then filled the sections with lotions, body wash, etc. I've also seen one to do things like hot cocoa, marshmallows, etc.