Perfectly Imperfect.

But for my first attempt now half bad. They are delicious and pretty ( if you excuse the fact my late night brain just reconised, That the pink ones can seem - well slightly adult depending on how you take their picture. Thank goodness I always take a million photos!).
Royal Icing
New Obsession

Its been a long time since I played with my icing Tips and my gel colours, But a class has come up, A free one ( thanks wash house) and its one ive wanted to do for a long time. Cake decorating, and while im rusty with the tips, ive never used fondant before ( oh I lied one time I made my own and did li seascape cupcakes - hmm). Im excited. And it means I get to combine a few loves, Baking, Photography and we cannot forget eating. Oh sweet heaven, you must be full of sweets, cakes and cookies.

Ps I love my lil ice cream cone cookies, but now all I see is slightly adult images. No more pink cones.

PPs Sorry if ive not said hello this week, I am about a billion posts behind in my google reader.

PPPs Who has a good roll out sugar cookie recipe?


Lorna May said...

Oh my gosh, they look seriously yummy.....even if the pink ones could be a little adult LOL
I'd eat the lot and no apologies given :)

Kate said...

hehe i love them they made my day :D

Ann-Marie said...

OMG u r the funniest person in the world!!!! Thx for the full on belly laugh :D BTW those cookies do look yummy!!

daph-a-dills said...


Jasmine S said...

Very cute. You clever gal.

aussiescrapper said...

Hello, these looks just amazing, I love them, you are super clever, and fondant....I have never used this. I am so glad I popped in as I have been thinking you were awol but looks like it is me that is, I have been going through no mojo whatsoever, and although I have finished a layout today - I actually hate it. I know you understand...sorry I missed a few of your posts. Love Melxx

Tanya Tahir said...

hahaha about the pink ones! Well they look scrummy none the less ;)