Slice of Sunday

Im back from the dead, and actually able to sit up for more then a few seconds at a time!!! I swear it must have been a man flu — cause I was a DYING!!!!! and really anything less then that I have no idea what they are sooking about, just get up and build a ridge already husbands of the world!!!

Anyway - even though it's not the best view — my backyard when its filled with sweet lil munchkins I love it anyway. And it was filled with even more munchkins later on when Beth's kids joined the fun!

Ps ive missed all the fun the last 2 weeks, whats the goss???????? There has to be an internet drama somewhere. Hmmm maybe I should check 2 peas or essential baby.............

PPs if you are wondering ( like I was) why the heck the stripes in the grass??? Well, there really is no decent answer from the rockgod for their existence!

PPPs - Man Flu is really great for catching up on old episodes of mediums and having nanna naps though!!!


mustangkayla said...

Dang...thats a nasty bug you got! Cute picture!

TRACEY said...

Nice lawn stripes mate?? Glad your all better