key to my heart

Out for publication

He looks really sweet right? Innocent? happy?
What they dont tell you is he is DANGEROUS!
This kid could trip over a tree root on the moon.

The extra horrible thing - he gets it from both of us. The Poor kid never stood a chance...

Ps Today Joshua forgot his lunchbox and his timetable - he gets that from me as well!

PPs - what the heck does this layout need, I know it needs something. To early to figure it out though.

PPPs - ok think I worked it out, now just to find time today to change it!


glorygirl said...

Loooove this layout! Amazing picture! Great colors. Love the pop of black and....trying to figure out how you made the beautiful texture on the left border? Please share!

Mandy said...

Love this so much...he forgot his timetable?is he in high school now?..love the photo too...i think it looks great as is ...xxx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Misting in the white space - I bet that would cure what you think is wrong with it! I don't think it needs anything... but thinking if you added the mists, it might help ;) I loveeeee that photo and the circle action on the left!! GORGEOUS!

Debbi Tehrani said...

Such a sweet photo and a beautiful page! That border is so cool that you made!

Marelize said...

Beautiful! Love the big key and the folded circle strip and the pic is oh so cute!! Have a great week. xx