This is my sister. Her name is Megan. We Call her Moo. She lives very far away and I recently got to see her for a bitty bit. I miss her lots. Though am slightly annoyed she gets to be the pretty one ( not to mention is still in her twenties and gets to travel to places like Ibiza for work.).

See that umbrella, she had just finished using it as a weapon/wand on that cute kid of mine in the background.

To be fair that cute kid of mine in the background, Im pretty sure, had just cast Avada Kedavra on her.

Thats just how our family rolls.

Ps See that umbrella, Im pretty sure she will want to use that as a weapon on me for posting a picture of her here.

PPs Sucked in Moo, you live in England and you cant reach me.

PPPs Mum im sorry I told my sister sucked in..


aussiescrapper said...

Gee your game, but then hang on she does live in England, and to be fair you are both gorgeous and still younger than me, and love the part about telling your mum.....sucked in......lol Melxx

Leanne said...

oh that is FUNNY.. and so glad your back.. missed you.. oh and awesome use of a umbrella..lol..
super coolio funness...

Ann-Marie said...

LOL .. too funny. Glad to see you back in my feeds, missed your dose of a good old chuckle!!

Cathy said...

You're so funny Lou... missed reading your blog... I have to totally disagree with you though... I think you're both gorgeous!! Have a fab day :)