What I sent

Well my christmas ornament swap arrived safely at Teresas house.
So now I can show you what I sent, (pretty average photos sorry, did not think to check them before I sent it off!). The bauble is needle felted ( over styrofoam to keep it nice and light for themail) in red,then I felted the angles ( 3 in total) and their lil hearts over the top, I finished it off with a slight wet felt just to double make sure everything was in place.  Off the bottom hangs a gold star.  I used lace as a hanging cord to match the card.


Ann-Marie said...

oh that is super cute - love the little hearts on the angels ..

Felicity said...

love all the hand made ornaments. very clever.
Cute photo of you son too.
Thanks for always visiting my blog and leaving a comment, its so nice of you
:) x

teresa said...

Hi Sarah, I LOVE my Christmas decoration. Thank you so much, it's gorgeous and cute.. You can't beat homemade and you do lovely work..btw I lost my keys today!!! I can replace my house and car keys, but my locker key for work is going to be a big problem :(