Pink Fluffiness

I cant show you anything crafty, cause everything is sitting half done, some waiting other supplies, other waiting five spare minutes that are not taken by cleaning, sons, husbands, or sorting out mortgage refinancing ( YUCK!) But I do have these pink morsels of goodness to share. 
MY FIL asked me to do him some spicy hot nuts, which I gladly did, and with the nuts left over, I decided to make my BIl a treat for watching the horrible screaming Kook ( stranger danger screaming stage).  He loves sugared peanuts, and I gotta say even though mine were pink ( no red food colouring left), These tasted a lot better then the stale store brought ones!!
There will be more in my future, very hard not to eat these instead of giving them away!

Sarahs Sugared Peanuts
1/2 cup water
1 cup sugar 
roughly 2 cups peanuts ( I had less then this, still worked fine)

Preheat oven to 150. Dissolve the sugar into the water in a heavy pan, add colouring if desired and stir in peanuts. stir often until it chrysalises and the mixture starts to stick well to the nuts, Pour into a baking dish, and spread out, sprinkle with salt, bake for 20 minutes giving a stir occasionally, then allow to cool. As I had excess mixture I had to break mine up slightly. Then hide from yourself if you plan to give as gifts. 


Mandy said...

yum...take care...xxx

teresa said...

Thanks for the recipe.. I haven't had these yummy peanuts for years...must try it and hide from my kids too ha ha