Let it snow

I was trying this out for my chrissy deco swap - but its too delicate for the post, not that Rod is worried. He wants to keep it anyway!
Last photo is of the set up under the lid, before I glued it down. Snow man is 2.5 cms , Tree 4 cms, and the box with out lid is 7 cms.
A Mini Walk Through
 Tree is made up of flowers stacked and stacked and stacked, with pop dots in between. If you are going to spray it ( I used white flowers) spray it first. I have smaller brown ones for a tree trunk, and cut down a few of the flowers on top. If I do it again Ill build it over a pin to help stabilize it. (I sprayed mine with my apple green and my berry blue, made using Wiltons gel food colouring and opal sparkly dust).
I have just used 2 loops of wire and seed beads, but I made sure I used a dot of glue to hold it on the edges of the tree so all the beads dont fall to the back.
 Outside is sprayed with some more of my homemade mist (I used black food colouring and gold paint, on a lot of things the black soaks in and leaves a distressed goldish finish, test first it has different effects on different things). I sprayed the lid with my yellow first to give it a bit more body. Clear acetate and white pen for the stars. Snowman is a lil clay and part of a cupcake wrapper for his scarf, he has a pin through the bottom of the box to help him stay in place.
The floor is pop dotted up so the scene sits higher in the box.
A better view of its size is here


CraftyMummy said...

What a great idea! Very clever - and so tiny! I'll have to try one...

Mandy said...

this is very cute sarah....love the box too!!!xxx

Daph said...

How many flowers did the tree take? what did you use to make the snowman?
You will just have to make the heart deco instead now LOL

suzitee said...

How cute is that Christmas tree?!?

Hi Sarah...thank you so much for visiting me, and even more so for leaving a comment :) That means I can track you down and look at all the yummy things on your blog! Love your stitching, love your scrapping...you have a very inspirational place happening here! Oh...and I think all us Mums with three kids are "slightly crazed" LOL...goes with the territory :)
Have a great day xxx

Ann-Marie said...

Oh I like that!!! I am not a fan of winter christmas scenes to decorate my place but that is sooo darn cute .. I may have to think of a summer version, like Santa at the beach with a surfboard lol!!

Anonymous said...

oh it's so cute..love how you made the tree from flowers too :)
Thanks for visiting my blog btw. Gina x