Scrap Tuesday

On a wednesday. Its been a very long time since our last one due to everyone getting sick, and actually our third member is still out for the count ( blogless Cindy) , But I actually got stuff done today , some I cant show due to it being secret swap business. But I can show 2 lil bits I worked on.

First a really quick lay out Ive had in my head for a bit. I knew I wanted to keep it quiet simple and let the joke be the star of the page. This is Very very Sweet Middle. He has hit the age of becoming joke central.

This sweet lil wreath, I was hoping would fit in one of my mini boxes, but is slightly too big, so when I hit spotty tomorrow ( am I the only one that goes into shops, and can never quiet remember to get everything on my my list?!?) will see if I can get a slightly bigger one. Its a tiny cane ring, a lot of tiny cut out leaves, a couple of red sequins I had lying around, glue and a lot of fiddling!. 

Ps what is everyone reading, Im about to finish Time travelers wife and then I will be starving for a new novel. Will be hitting the library tomorrow ( haven't gone for nearly 2 weeks, Im suffering withdrawals here!) what should I look out for?

PPS I updated this post to give a quick walk through of what I did. Also, Daph said when she saw it, she didn't realize how small it was, it fits roughly the size of my palm.


mandysea said...

Wow what a gorgeous LO!! Love the techniques you've used!! And that little wreath is soooo sweet!!

Ann-Marie said...

LOL ... you gotta love kids jokes!! We have some cracking ones round here and I laugh at the fact they call 'em jokes more than because they are funny!!

That wreath is soo cute!!! If I walk into Spotlight I would be in trouble ... spending too much money this close to Christmas lol!! And you aren't the only one who forgets things .. I even forget the list!!

I am into Paranormal Romance ATM so if that's something you would read then go for either the Anita Blake Series (17 books) or Black Dagger brotherhood (7 books i think) or even something a little less mellow Sookie Stackhouse series lol! I love my vamps hahaha!

have a wonderful day .. off to check out that small box ... I thought it was bigger too!!