Sunset at broadbeach ( at the end of Anne street)

An old lay out of us.

Is my wedding anniversary. Three years ago ( yes the astute among you might note that we have kids older then that.) We ran away to QLD and eloped just me, 2 sons and him ( oh and two hired witnesses) on the beach. Me in a $20 Dress an the boys all in $60 shirts. The celebrant brought music for us and the song which was played during was Your beautiful by James blunt, we both tried hard to keep straight faces with that as that song drove us around the wall, But it just made it more of our sort of wedding. Then we hit the theme parks for the week. The whole thing ( holiday included) cost about $1000 and to us it was worth more then there is money then the world. Perfection.

Rod at a 80's themed birthday party
Rod I love you. And I love being married to you. 
We are doing our celebrating a lil later cause he had a gig last weekend ( a birthday party) and another one this weekend (local pub, the Carousel Inn at Plumpton). 

PS to keep up with Hubbies band, try the Fans of Fatt Lipp Face book page. I know they have 2 more gigs this month a local charity one, and one at the Iron duke in Alexandria 


Ann-Marie said...

Happy Anniversary for tomorrow ... :)

Mandy said...

lol...my hubby is in a local band too...we are only about 15 minutes from where you are Sarah!!!have an awesome anniversary...xxx