I must really love him

Happy Three years babe. Dont worry sappy message is hidden on the back.

And Cause I had spare nuts and Im playing nice wife, I did a lil extra. HOT HOT spicy nuts and I ran down and got him some beer since there was none in the house.  ( excuse the bad inside picture ).

PS snickers Rocky Road recipe is here, at one of Melissa Goodsells fabulous blogs.

PPS I did this quick one for a friend. Who has been in a run of bad luck lately - with illness and pain all around.
It says For a Friend in need, and there is always a need for chocolate!
Who incidentally just found out that she is cousins with one of the singers from the band. Now I have known Daz as long as I have known Rod ( met them on the same night) and Known Daph since I moved here, they have been in the same room together, she has heard them sing and literally lives around the corner from him. Slightly spun out. 

All right have to go get my self all purdy now. 


Arby said...

Hi Just thought I would pop in and have a look at your Blog! I try to have a look at all the blogs of people that visit me and leave a comment.
I have become a follower so I will be back later. AND I love the chook labels!! Maybe I can do you a swap? I make angel wings so we could swap if you want some angel wings!

Daph said...

awwww thanks soooo much for the pressy...i cant wait to get it. Your too sweet!
Your flippen out...heck im flippen out....LOL

Mandy said...

love the bags of goodies...fab work....xxx