A sneak and a giveaway

Thanks for the support about the dreaded phone company. Hubby was impressed with me tonight!!

A quick sneak of what I was up to last night. Anyone recognize the purple, open here? Its from a certain packaging. And because Im in a great mood, If you can name what was in the wrapper, ill include you in the chance to win a small prez, 

A hint can be found here (in my top 5 things), and another hint is it has been in the news ( well the company) as I believe an american company is trying to by it from the uk this past week. 
So leave a comment by Tuesday the 2nd.
Ps both the company and the product start with the third letter of the alphabet. 
PPs its bloody delicious!! And I might have a slight addiction! 


aussiescrapper said...

You have me baffled. but after a bottle of Wolf Blas that doesn't surprise me, I am happy if you're happy, lisening to Nick Lachey at the moment, so happy that you are happy my girl, proud of you for standing up to a bill that wasn't justified, and from an ex-accountant you have every leg to stand on. You go girl, we don't stand in the shadows of our men, what happened to the saying that "behind every good man stands a great woman," we may be at home but our purpose is great, You go girl, I am proud of you. Love Mel xxx

daph-a-dills said...

I know....do i leave it here or email the answer...I had to use a hint, but i know i have it right!!! LOL

Sarah Lou said...

Leave it here If you want!

Leah the Orange said...

i'm sayin' Cadbury Choccie something or other.... but the "open here" tab has me frazzled!

your term with the Design Dollies officially begins monday! i am EXCITED! email me stuff! :)

as for my alphas on that c'mere layout, they're orange chipboard - i distressed them like mad, i covered them in crackle accents, and i added little dots with a blue sakura gelly roller pen. they turned out kinda funky, yeah?

mustangkayla said...

Hm...ya got me stumped. Is it from a choc. package?

CraftyMummy said...

I'm going to guess the Cadbury Chocolate too. Yum!!

lyn said...

LOL very clever chicky, its Cadbury Chocolate!!! Yummy i want some right about now, rainy weather and nice cuppa. yummy. xxx

kathie said...

OMG! The exact same thing happened with my DH with Telstra. He fought with them for months about it and they refused to listen or see reason. This was before we were married. When I first moved in with him, we had debt collectors turn up at the door even. I claimed ignorance of the whole thing and they left, then DH could come out from behind the door, lol. We will never ever use Telstra again!

As for the purple? I would never have known, but I think these clever chickies have worked it out :)

kate said...

cadbury chocolate box at the back where you open it!! cheapo's actually put it in a box instead of a paper wrapper and DECREASED the amount of chocolate in the block to trick consumers :P xo