Mashed or Baked??

I am in love the Inkurable Stampers blog, but haven't been able to play along much, for the simple fact is I dont have many stamps. ( Ive only been paper crafting for less then a year, so it will take time to build up all the tools and treats I want, and boy do I want!!).
They have a Paper art doll challenge going on which I thought I could try out with another thing Id been wanting to try - paper cutting. So with out further adieu 

So using a spud for the body, arms ( fingers are tough lil suckers to carve!), and face, a swirly wave stamp by Daisy D stamp and a unidentified clear dragonfly stamp for the wings. She reminds me a bit of a seventies illustration book that the boys used to have.
Is Vera every thing i wanted her to be - definitely No, I had a lot more "polished" crisp arty look in mind, but I had fun playing any way. 


Leah the Orange said...

Sarah - i LOVE Vera.
i am a big fan of the paper doll, and i think you did a bang-up job, especially for a first attempt! you used a TATER?! shush!

mustangkayla said...

How creative! Way to go on trying something new!

Mara... said...

This is SOOO creative!!! I love it!

daph-a-dills said...

she is heaps cute!

laury55 said...

your doll is fantastic...love the umbrella, great paper cutting