Excuse my pretend french, but Im cranky.
 This morning we got paid, I paid bills and then we went to the supermarket to get a few things and get lunch for the piglets. Instead I got to stand at the bank dealing with crap for awhile ( and I was not the ONLY one). 

We got skimmed.

Between paying bills and hitting the shops, bastards got into our account and stole what was left (thankfully mortgage was in the savings). They had used my husbands card details ( which due to him being on holidays had not been used since the 23rd of dec - too lazy to swipe his card when Im around). We cant file a claim until it actually comes out ( debit card so our own money so it takes a lil bit for CC transactions to come out) so it will take a few weeks till we get that money back ( though hopefully cause we got it so quick it will be declined instead). 
So thank you pricks not only did you piss me off, you made my little boys cry ( part of that was thier pocket money) and that part makes me furious!!. 

PS should point out that ST George was fabulous, they dealt with mine and the others around us quickly and kindly. WELL DONE ST GEORGE.

pps did I mention before that I got woken up by a split lip ( thanks kook) , then after that I got to clean up cat vomit! Not even going to mention the fact we are STILL with out hot water. Sorry having a quick sook. 


Daph said...

seriously there are some serious asswipes out there...now what do i do with my award LOL...thanks!!!!

teresa said...

OMG Sarah... that has got to be the worst day in history. I've had this happen to me too.. with my credit card. Bastards wiped me out, but luckily my bank were on to it pretty quick. Very hard to be without funds though. You poor thing! Don't worry... kharma will get the bastards! just hope it gets them soon.

CraftyMummy said...

Oh you poor thing! And when it hurts your kids, that hurts even more. Glad to hear St george were good though - at least you know its being dealt with. Hope your day gets better!

Shell said...

That sux big time. There has been so much of that happening lately. Im getting paranoid every time I withdraw money now. Glad the backs sorting it for you.

mustangkayla said...

Ooh, I'd be TICKED too! Not right...I just don't understand how people can do that. Its pathetic, its small....see now I'm ranting right along with you!

I didn't realize you were from St. George. DH and I looked at moving there about 6 years ago. We LOVED it there. We still joke about moving back there some day!

Penny said...

Jeez....what a day!!!
Same thing happened to us just before Xmas a couple of years ago - took AGES to get our money back too. Not only an invasion of privacy - so goddamn inconvenient!!!