Is it Wrong

Ive been thinking of Christmas? 
Craft that is. 
Cooking, eating and, decorating up a storm as well if the truth must be told. Starting to itch for it. It must be the spring clean up, Ive found all my christmas decorations. Im a decoration addict. Mum brings me some back where ever she is.
My second christmas with my mumma overseas and my first as a mumma of three. 
Bring on Christmas I say! 
(114 sleeps apparently)

my usb cord for my camera is apparently not a normal one so I have to get to the camera shop a few towns over, so another old photo - santa ornament I made last year with my ( my mum remembers having this one as a kid) pompom maker kit

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Daph-a-dill's said...

very cute :)
Nothing wrong with thinking xmas already. We all need something to look forward to!
Esp when its your bubbas first!!!