Happy new year.

(excuse the bird flipping - Lara 6 weeks old)

I still cant believe it is 2012, um excuse me but where is my flying car and instant people importer?!?!!?

(Cooper - boxing day - with really annoying singing dancing elf hat)

Not that I can drive a flying car and but if that instant people importer does not come soon I will actually have to learn to bloomin drive.... But its beside the point!! According to movies like back to the future number 611 ( and if you dont believe me just wait a week or 2 Im sure channel 10 will have it on ... again) I was meant to have these things, and Im feeling slightly ripped off.

(Tyler - new years eve)

But if it means I get a happy healthy ( and I pray it stays that way) family and good friends and great food im a happy girl - esp when it contains great food. mmmmm food............

(Josh - practicing his used car salesman stance - 16 Dec - ready for his formal,
Photos of this kid are scarce - he hides when the camera is out - plus with the 50-50 split with his dad - what he does not know is this year IM making it my goal to get lots of photos of him.....
Well he is almost 13 anyway - he is due to be really annoyed by me..........)

Im not doing resolutions I cant say that I ever have really, but Im going to give 101 in 1001 a try. The link is a link to my half finished list. Is it cheating to make finish the list as one, cause I have!

Ps Just cause I could - the photos sprinkled through are some of my fav photos of the kids from the year - and all have happened within the last month or so.........
(and for good measure one of me - not my fav but I dont have many to choose from !!)

PPs for the first time really in a year or so there has been actual scrapping by me, I know bloomin shocking right!!!


Jasmine S said...

Happy New Year.
Fabulous photos. I cannot believe how quickly your little girl has grown. Super cute photo.

Kellie said...

You and your family are so adorable!!! All your pics turned out so great...even the one of you!! :)

Happy New Year!!