Tomorrow when the laundry began

This is my aim today, in movie form. To take Josh to see it. I read the books as a teen and over the past 2 months, he has done so as well. All 5 of them and is about to finish the last book of the Ellie Chronicles, all three of them.

Now I know he must be mine.

We are readers, and if we had the choice Josh and I would live at the library. Of course we would have to live without the very cute baby, who likes shoving books under your nose, getting us to read one page and then running away to get another one. Or the sweet middle who thinks they are only good for stacking and building with ( Boy can that child build a town out of books, not sure if it could help him later in life but, really, I think he needs to put it in his resume). As for the rock god — well he can stay home with the lils, ( guitars and drums are far to noisy for the library) but as he is so good looking im sure we can work out time for conjugal visits.

But first Im procrastinating, I have a million clothes waiting to be washed, and a dishwasher to unstack, floors to vacuum and pavlovas to cook, all with a sweet lil helper.

Ps Pray that, that cute lil baby naps today, I want to attempt the September sketch at The Scrappers Outlet ( Im saving my fav the Chocoholics challenge to last as a reward). The only thing is Im not allowed to win no more.
To help feed my addiction to the really cute ZVA they stock.

How could I have gone for so long without knowing its existence??? I gotta say Im hurt you all kept this information to yourself!!!! Then again if I were not so damn slow in finding stuff I might not have shared either and kept all the goodness to my self!!!!
PPs Pray that that cute baby will nap just cause he is a cranky cute baby!!!!!!

PPPs ok im getting off my arse now, if I go missing, tell the police to check the laundry under the mountains of clothes. Now thats its warming up Im considering becoming a nudest, the only thing is I think Ive let my "prime nudest years" go by.

PPPPs I have no idea why my fonts are being poxy, Im sorry Ive had words with them but much like my three boys, they dont seem to want to listen.


Leanne said...

oh man you are funny.. oh i forgot to comment on your last post.. i LOVE that hat... and your face...ZITCHES..in a nice way..

i hope you enjoy the movies..and get the washing done and finally sit down to scrap..
hope all is well now.
lots of sugar......

aussiescrapper said...

lol you make my day coming here my girl, and don't you hate the stack of laundry that is always there, omg you have 4 boys in the house and I complain with only 1, you must take a photo of its height,,,,lol I will never complain again I think. Nate is still cranky if he doesn't have an arvo sleep every arvo, and gotta love those wonderful years as a child that you don't get put in jail for sharing your bits for all the world to see. Love you girl. Melxx