And THIS is why

It did give me a chance to have a bit of a memory road trip with some of my favourites from my child hood. When the big was born I went to great lengths to try and track down some of my favourite books from childhood.

We Help daddy.
This is a big memory of mine. I have hardly any from under 7 but this is as clear as day. I have not been able to find the matching We Help Mummy though :(

Good Night Little Bear - Used to love the fact he was on the daddies bears shoulders and they still couldn't find him.

Rainy Day Play Book.
I wanted to be these kids. And I set up pretend libraries just like them.

Muddleheaded Wombat
Dont really need to say anything here do i?? I so wanted his caravan.

Ps half an hour after I cleaned up all the books. I walked past his room. He had been extremly considerate and only pulled off half a shelf this time. Thank you Sweet Baby.


Kate said...

i love the old golden books. heidi has some of the ones which were mine as a child and its so weird seeing my name in the front cover and then several nieces and nephews names who have had the books after me and then finally heidi gets a turn. they most definately are classics :) xo

Chloe :-) said...

I have the first two books too!! Loved them as well :-). Your bookcase looks like ours :-)

mustangkayla said...

When were you at my house and taking pictures? My kiddos are BOTH the same! But how can you discourage their love of reading and books? I found a set from my childhood that I absolutely loved at a garage sale. I was so stoked. It was the Serendipity Series by Stephen Cosgrove.

mustangkayla said...

I had to come back and tell you, I went to a garage sale after reading this post and found Good Night Little Bear and bought it! Yep...cute cute book! Peyton loved it! I'll keep my eyes open for that one your wanting, I come across a lot of old Golden Books at garage sales and thrift shops!