Report card says

Does not play well with purple.

 I found Design Dollies challenge site and saw the monochromatic purple challenge. Thought Id give it a burl, with out thinking exactly how little purple anything i owned!!! Not overly in love with the lil card I made, loved it more before DM and I had a tussle and I had to do the top scallops in DM.

What I am in love with is the fact I won some stamps HERE!!! Not just stamps, Drool worthy Christmas Stamps!

Ps the bottom of the paper i used as ribbon is torn and but just realised you cant tell in this pic and it just looks crooked!


Wendy Smith said...

You do pruple well....better than me that is for sure

Thanks for visiting my blog. Love your xmas bauble...very clever

Kristy said...

You sooo need to tellme what DM is! It looks awesome! I love how your purple turned out! I had all of three pieces of purple to work with so I totally feel your pain!!! Thanks for playin with us Design Dollies!

Sarah Lou said...

DM is dimensional magic!!!