Scrap it real good!!

There has been scrapping!
OMW alert the masses!

Out for publication

Bright arse colours! Now brights scare me just a little, but I thought would try my hands at it. And I think I like it. It was fun stepping out of my comfort zone.

The lil itty bitty banners I made with some homemade clay, I sort of winged it from other recipes online. Needs a little bit of tweaking I think. But I only used what I had in the house. I tried the non glue one, but thinking it would help to stabilise it. I used a candle wax paint pen to colour them.

My funny lil guy grabbed Joshuas formal tie and decide dthat a swimsuit wa sthe perfect accompanyment. As you do.

He gets his dress sense from his father.... The cuteness is alllll me!!

I wish, spitting image of his dad and his pop so everyone keeps telling me. Dont you love when people say
"oh he is so cute! He must take after his father...."
Thanks, thanks a lot.....

and whats this?!? A card?!
Just a lil note for a special friend

I made a mistake with the ink, so it got some extra inking on the bottom, I wish it didnt....

Ps - excuse crappy photos, its raining and windy out there and good enough was close enough today!! ( I take my photos on the front porch). I know Im a slack arse. I prefer to suffer for my craft in other ways ( staying up very late and being blurry eyed the next day...)

PPs Mum - yes I know I said arse twice ( three now) - Im sorry...


daph-a-dills said...

Your posts always make me smile. I LOVE all those LO's.
I cant believe how awesome your scrapping is!
That card is beautiful. Im sure the recipient will treasure it always.

Shandell said...

Gorgeous layouts & card - I love the bright one!! How clever to make your own banners out of clay :)

Cathy said...

Gorgeous creations... your bright LO looks fantastic.. love your banners!! You should step out of your comfort zone more often!! Awesome boy LO the colours are perfect and I'm loving the painted frame and lastly ADORE your card.. gorgeous!! Have a wonderful week :)) hugs

ann said...

I love your bright LO and like you I tend to shy away from brights.

Marelize said...

It's great to see you scrapping Sarah Lou and your layout and card are awesome. LOVE!!! xx

Linda said...

Yay that you have scrapped!
Looks like I wasn't quick enough to visit your blog to see your bright LO - but congrats on the publication!!! Love the pics in the 2nd layout - too cute! It is a fab page!

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, they're very much appreciated :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love love these!!! Those photos on your lo are ADORABLE....and loving the doilies on the card!!! GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):)

mustangkayla said...

Super cute layout and card! Yay for scrapping! I scrapped a bit for the first time inquire a while today!