Im going to share something

Something that may be shocking to some.

Ahem. I have a sweet tooth.

I know. You are all so shocked right. It may time to recover.

And lately I cant cope. There has been an abundance of christmas cook books and magazines floating around my house.

The rockstar has a slight addiction to cooking a christmas dinner. We go overboard every year and then always say we wont next year.

But we do anyway.

He does a baked ham, a rolled stuffed pork roast, a turkey and trimmings galore.

I get starters and desserts. Oh and my mums potato salad. Every year.
I love cooking mini things and sweets, well recently you learnt of my sweet tooth, so now it all makes sense.
This year there will be some sort of seafood ( prawns and oysters of some kind normally, and maybe a crab salad), and just what ever mini thing I come across I want to try, im thinking a sweet onion tart.

But then we get to the best bit of all,

( I promise you the shock will wear off soon).

But here I where I need help. I have planned
  • a marscarpone cake
  • my vanilla and rockmelon icecream, ( maybe some green apple gelato for adults as well)
  • fruit salad
  • and.......................
This is where I am stuck, normally I insert cheesecake or pavlova here, but I want something else, the marscarpone cake is very like a jumbled up cheesecake. The inlaws norm bring a fruit cake/pudding, though this year I have it literally already covered and looking pretty, well minus one holly leaf that needs to be redone, thank you small child! (oh and ewwwwww!!), and I dont do triffle.
Im thinking pie, though I may be being swayed by the abundance of pie falling across the american sites. And it needs be able to be baked ahead. The evil husband has the oven covered.
I need suggestions. Please.

Ps I really hope that no one will feel any differntly about me now. Please I am still the person I once was.
PPS now I am really feeling the need for , well, truthfully, all of the above.


Cathy said...

OMG Lou that is a lot of food. My mouth is watering at the sound of those desserts!!! Where do you find the time! Hmmm suggestions... how about a glazed fruit tart (the colour is gorgeous to look at just before you devour it or an almond and pear tart or maybe a chocolate yule log. This is a traditional French dessert for Christmas and I cover it in very thick chocolate dessert custard rather than frosting..(not sure how much in advance this one can be made). I'm sure you will come up with something truly delicious!! Have a fab day :)

CraftyMummy said...

Yum! I'm a sweet tooth too :)
My favourite at Christmas is ice cream pudding. Mum just lets a big tub of vanilla ice cream get soft enough to mix, then adds mixed dried fruit, choc bits or crushed up chocolate, marshmallows, nuts - anything really. Think Cold Rock! Then put it a mould and re-freeze it. Oh and a splash of rum so the kids can't have any ;)

aussiescrapper said...

OMGoodness Oh to be at your place for Christmas Day, wow, sounds just divine, I am not a cook and actually dislike it heaps, but I guess to me Christmas isn't the same without little fruit mince pies, although that choc yule log and pear tart Cathy suggested sound just divine. I love hearing about you preparations. Pics please. Melxx

daph-a-dills said...

I think Glen will be knocking on your door this Christmas...he often makes himself a seafood salad lol....oh deserts...such a tuff one indeed...I would say christmas pudding cause that is the ONE thing I MUST have at Christmas...yummy!

Sherrie said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for stopping by my place. I've got a suggestion for you. It's called Heavenly Hash. It's Jell-o, fruit cocktail, nuts and cool whip. It sounds awful but it's really yummy. If you want the recipe I'll send it to you via email if you like. Let me know, ok. Have a great day!

ps. The pumpkin pie has lots of sugar in it, white and brown sugar. It's a tradition around here.