Slice of Monday = bliss

Equals long weekends and ( finally) the end of the longest season in the year - Football season. I can even forgive the start of daylight savings if it means a break from football for a while. Is it mean that I used to feel very relieved when his gig clashed with his team playing?
Hey Im a good wife in other ways - I kept the beers coming when he was building our new balustrade today and I made caramel popcorn ( hot digity damn I AM a good wife,
What? What do you mean you bet the caramel popcorn was for my sweet tooth?!? - just craziness. ( please dont tell him!)).

Ps - I will admit to enjoying the grand final ( even though i badly wanted to sit at my desk above for some quiet mumma time) - Thanks to a few drinks and glimpses of Daniel Conn

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aussiescrapper said...

You are a great wife, my girl and yay for sitting and watching the wonderful grand final, Yay for St George......love the pic of your scrap desk.....caramel popcorn,,,,,yum...