One of those weeks

Some weeks all I feel like doing is sitting around doing nothing. This was one of those weeks. Aided by the fact that my sister inlaw dropped around season 1 and 2 of True Blood, and I dont know if its cause I really like it or I just feel a deep need to figure out who the killer was, and what the buggery Sam was, I just kept watching (in between crashing blocks, crashing cars and reading the dog book Kook loves).

Though really, I think it was just the freezing arse cold that did it. I love winter, or actually I love the thought of winter. 
Hot soup, warm quilts, good books and a trashy movie or 2. But in reality, winter seeps into my bones, and gnaws at my soul.

But now I have had my week of sitting and well, pouting.  Im off the couch, I have a layout waiting for the finishing touches, and school holidays to enjoy. 

Bring it on baby!!!!!

Ps Im bookless, what are you all reading these days. I missed my library trip this week.


mustangkayla said...

Oh man do I ever understand!

Heather said...

We're enjoying some cooler 70/80 degree weather this week. But it is supposed to be hot for 4th of July this weekend.
I just started Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult. Can't recommend it (yet) since I just started it, but I love the other three books of hers I read. Did you read My Sister's Keeper? If not you should read that one!

aussiescrapper said...

Hey we all have weeks like that, quite honestly I am struggling to finish layouts at the moment, just sit on the lounge and cut out stuff, wow I have that darn much. What sort of books do you read? and would the dog book be Spot that kook reads. This has been one crazy cold week and it has been freezing here and just hard to get motivated. Love Melxx

Mara... said...

I have read quite a few Jodi Picoult books and they were all good. I am right now reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and it's really really good. I know the author of that book has a few others i'm going to try when i'm done.

Leanne said...

i've just finished a nora roberts book.. and not sure what i;m going to read next..will have to raid my mums never ending library... any ho know what you mean about the cold except and its a big except... I HATE WINTER.. sure wearing beanies is fun so your hair doesnt have to look that fab but that is the ONLY great thing.. i hate it.... i need to feel the warm sun on my skin.. which is right now is woolier than a sheep just trying to keep me warm.. whoops alittle too far there.. anyho. happy layouts... hope you post one soon would love a look see.. lots of sugar to you.leanne