Slice of Sunday

Guess what we did today??? It involved a lot of heavy balls...... ( sorry I know that was especially lame)!. 
We needed something to cheer the kids up as it is the end of the school holidays!!! ( ahhh makes sense now why she has not been around and commenting on all the lovely blogs she reads). 
Needed something to cheer me up as it is the end of the school holidays!! Dont get me wrong, I love a quiet clean house, but quiet doesn't always feel right in this mad house(!) And I suspect clean is really just a dream..... Something that happens to other people.

Ps we all needed new socks anyway, so we ducked out to buy socks first — $40!!!!!!!!!!!!
PPS just incase you were really bored and wondering. It was a purple heavy ball, with swirls and sparkles - I only use pretty balls. 
Honestly why would you use boring dark green when there are sparkles people!!! 
PPPS You know you are thinking it, those shoes are Sexxxxxxxxxy!!


Kate said...

oooh noice and unusual!! glad you had a great time !!!

Laura said...

bowling is totally sexy! You go girl!!

aussiescrapper said...

What a great idea choosing a ball based on its bling and colour, I must do this next time and can you tell me does this idea guarantee you win each time. I just manage the neat look in my house because I only have a 3yr old mess to clean, but you have 3, so to me this sounds impossible, and you know I would much rather have mess than no fun and laughing in the house anyway. Love Melxx

Leanne said...

oh love it.. crack up..
awesome pic.

Mara... said...

oooh, sexy shoes!!! And yes...you have to go for the bling and glitter if you can!!

Sarah said...

Oh yes - my favourite ball is pink and sparkly, and there's just something a little retro about bowling shoes! Sounds like a wonderful end to the school holidays (by the way if you find "clean", let me know, cause I need it for my house! lol) Found you over at Melody's Scrapbook World!

Lorna May said...

Clean, tidy, what do those words mean??? I live in house with 3 boys like yourself aged 34, 10 & 1 so I say no more :)

Bethany Kartchner said...

Bwahahah! I agree. I always pick the pretty sparkly balls too!