Close ups

Just a close up of the softie Im in the middle of. I cant finish though, till I get off my arse and clean up my work space!
The Blue gingham is from a upholstery sample book from the oppies, the pink fairies are from Saffron Craig, and the yellow flower is a pillowcase from the oppies. The yellow will be his body fabric.

Also a HUGE congratulations to my Public Speaking District entrant - The Big. Something that we would of never been able to imagine, for my once extremely shy anxious lil boy. Im proud of you Bub!


Daph said...

Well done Josh....WOW....cant wait to see the little softie your making...

Ruth said...

Yum Yum love those fabrics..I'm sure this look incredible once finished!!

Congrats The Big..nice medal!!

Kathie said...

Love the Medal!! Great effort....just amazing what can be acheived with encouragement!!
Love the softie, well the bits I have seen....look forward to seeing more, so I signed on as a follower!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog!!